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No worries, we have you covered. To ensure you get the best possible first impression to the program, we recommend you contact us to schedule a time to come see what a class is all about. The last thing we want is for you to be intimidated or to just jump into a class and get lost. When you begin classes, our coaches will be there to teach you every step of the way. They will teach you the mechanics and will ensure you have proper form  before adding any weight.

Experienced athlete?

Awesome! Since you are familiar with CrossFit we are glad you found us and are interested in becoming a member of the community. We use Wodify to manage our gym. If you are not familiar with it, it handles pretty much everything from things like member billing to our daily whiteboard and workout logging. You can sign up online, or contact us about coming in and getting signed up. It’s pretty painless and we will have you ready to jump into a class in no time. 



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