about us


Crossfit Ludus is a passion project that we started out of our love for CrossFit, the want to build a healthy community and to also elevate the expectation of what quality CrossFit could and should be.

Whether someone is a competitive athlete, a parent trying to keep up with their kids on the playground, or a retiree looking to stave off the possibility of the nursing home and stay active and healthy, we wanted to create a space that would suit them all.

Not satisfied with the common trends seen popping up inside of gyms these days, we sought to develop an atmosphere to bring quality back to the fitness experience. We started by identifying some core values to incorporate in our gym culture.

We understand not everyone is concerned with being a competitor. Some just want to get fit and have a good time. Our goal is to create a space that could cater to both extremes, learn something from each other, and have some fun in the process.

We want to show people that our classes can be the best hour of your day. You don’t have to say things like “I have to go the gym today.” We want to show there is no reason to be nervous or intimidated about walking into a gym. The overall goal is a healthy community to share personal improvement. Are you a better you today than you were yesterday? That’s the mission. No matter who you are, your wellness isn’t an end result. It’s a journey of constant improvement.


Ben Lockhart

cf level 2, CF KIDS
cf cert. weight trainer

Clay Rose

cf cert. weight trainer


More community, less spiteful competitiveness.

More intensity, less volume just for volume’s sake.

Focus on appropriate loading and proper form.

Fewer gimmicks, more functional aspects.

More isn’t better, better is better.

Balance between training and rest is important.

Being in constant pain from the 3 or 4 workouts the day before isn’t helping to improve overall fitness.

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